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Down for the Count Series by Christa Cervone

Review Blog Tour: Down for the Count Series by Christa Cervone 
On the Ropes (Book 1) 
Going the Distance (Book 2)

ON THE ROPES: A murderer’s child…A foster child…A troubled teen…Gabriel ‘The Saint’ Vega has never had an easy life. Being shuffled from one foster home to another after his father murdered his mother, he found himself in and out of trouble with the law. Never giving a damn about himself, let alone anyone else, his life was spiraling out of control; fast. Until one man and one sport changed everything. Frankie Carbone taught Saint how to handle his anger and rejection; by fighting it out in the ring. On his way to stardom, Saint finds himself pushed into the spotlight and into the arms of more women than he can ever imagine; he’s completely content with one night stands and random sex. Then Salem Harris comes walking into his life and changes his game plan. Saint finds himself wanting Salem in all the ways that scare him. She is off limits; taken. But that doesn’t stop Saint from going after what he wants, and he wants her. Frankie showed Saint a new way of life with Boxing, but will Salem give him the one thing he’s never known – love? Will Saint find himself fighting for the one thing he thinks he doesn’t deserve or will Salem end up breaking his heart? Gabriel ‘The Saint’ Vega has had to fight for every good thing he’s gotten in his life.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Josue is on trial, Jason got scared when the judge hits his gavel on his desk Jason he got scared. Josue's lawyer asked that Josue be released so that he can care for his two young children, the judge denied it. Gabriel and Jason were split up and put into the system. After five years Gabriel and Jase lost contact with each other. Gabriel was saved from the streets by Frankie. Gabriel is now a very good boxer. Frankie has told Gabriel that he had to choose to go out and party or be a fighter.Blaine came to the gym where he trains and asks to be Gabriel's sponsor for his next boxing match. 

Josue Vega is on trial, he is Gabriel and Jase's father, he is an abuser. Gabriel "The Saint" Vega is Josue's oldest son, became a boxer, hates looking like and having his father's name. He was in and out of trouble when he was younger. Jase is Gabriel's younger brother, he was a cry baby when he was younger. He is in and out of trouble. He is hooked on drugs. Jimmy is Gabriel's friend, he is a fighter and his fighting name is Jimmy " The Jackhammer" Santoro. He went to school with Gabriel until he moved out of district. Frankie is very strict, he took Gabriel and Jimmy off of the streets, taught them how to box. Stephannie is Jimmy's girlfriend, works at Applebees. Blaine is Gabriel's sponsor, he owns the TKO Gym. Salem is Blaine's Girlfriend, she is studying to be a lawyer. 

This is my first book by Christa Cervone. I love this book, how well the book was written, how well the characters were developed. I also loved that I was hooked from the beginning. I love that I felt that I could connect with the characters. If I could I would give this book more then 5 stars. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

GOING THE DISTANCE: Boxing saved Gabriel’s life…
From surviving a hellish childhood, to reuniting with his lost brother, only to struggle with helping him battle his drug addiction—a whirlpool of addiction that threatens to drag his brother under. Life’s been a roller coaster for Gabriel ‘The Saint’ Vega… Just when his career hits the fast track, he finally finds love with Salem, at least for a short time. But social differences, obligations, and misguided good intentions tore Gabriel and Salem apart before they could ever really get started. Is Salem capable of breaking away from the ropes that bind her to doing what’s expected rather than what and whom she desires? Can Gabriel convince Salem that their feelings are worth fighting for? Does their relationship have what it takes to go the distance?

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

This is a great continuation off of the first book. Gabriel's biggest fight isn't inside of the ring it's outside. He has tried to keep Salem off of his mind but it didn't work. Salem likes that Gabriel makes her feel so wanted and like she was the woman in the world. Gabriel sees Salem while he is getting ready to go into the sauna at TKO, he goes after Salem but before they could talk she backed out and left. He was so upset, he went after her but he ended up going to see Kitten. Kitten talks some sense into Gabriel to get him to go talk to Salem. So he went to her condo but she wouldn't answer his text messages so he did anything he could to get her to come down and talk to him.

Salem is a law student, she has been cheated on and her mother is the chief of surgery. Has feelings for Gabriel but she knows that he wouldn't fit into her world and she wouldn't fit into his. Gabriel has feelings for Salem, he hates Blaine. He is a fighter and he pushed Salem away. Jason is Gabriel's younger brother, he is getting help for his addiction. Jocey is Salem's friend and roommate, she tells it how it is and she hates Blaine. Jimmy is newly engaged, friends with Gabriel, fighter. Frankie is Gabriel's trainer. Dr. Nelson is Salem's mother. Blaine is a serial cheater, Gabriel's father. 

This book is amazing! You have to read the first book on the Ropes before you read this one. It's a very well written story, the characters are very well developed. This is one story that I will be able to read again and again. Christa Cervone knows how to draw someone into the story. I look forward to reading more books by Christa Cervone. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would.

Born and raised in New England, Christa is a married mother of three. She began writing her first book, Broken, in October 2012, as a love story to her husband, Frank. During the writing process, Christa managed to keep her book a secret from the majority of her family and friends, including her mother. She finally revealed that she had written a book on her personal Facebook page just two weeks before Broken was released. Broken was released in February 2013, and within twenty-four hours of its release, it was on Amazon's Movers and Shakers list as well as in the Top 20 Erotica. Christa released her second novel, On the Ropes - Book One in the Down for the Count series, in February 2014. On the Ropes has also climbed the charts on Amazon, hitting the Top 10 Sports Fiction and the Top 20 Romance Sports Fiction lists. Book Two, Going the Distance, was released July 2014 and claimed the number 3 spot in the Interracial category as well being in the top 20 in Erotica on Amazon. Limitless Publishing has recently acquired the Down for the Count series and will be re-releasing the series under their publishing label in May 2015. Along with the Down for the Count series, Christa's new series titled, Can't Stop Lovin' You, will also be released under Limitless Publishing. The series will have at least four books, Dream On, What it Takes, Sweet Emotion and Hole in my Soul. Dream On is slated for 2015 release.



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