Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Vision In Time by B.A. Dillon

Title: A Vision In Time
Series: Time #2
Author: B.A. Dillon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 7, 2015

The content of this book is intended for mature audiences. 

Everyone has a past . . .

Detective Isaac Miller, became a cop because of his. As the new director of The Cyber Crimes Division, Detective Miller doesn’t have time for a relationship. He’s drowning in missing kid cases that never end well. Looking for solace in a dark world, Isaac is drawn to the mysterious Mia and the warm light of her family.

Single mother, Mia James, is ashamed of hers. In an effort to protect her own heart from the searing pain of rejection, she no longer believes in a happily ever after, claiming to love her independence. She sees beyond the here and now, but rarely understands her newfound gift. Her visions are spot on for everyone else, but never light her own path. What begins as a casual friendship with Isaac, blossoms into an unexpected change of heart. Mia’s attraction to him is as powerful as each new vision. 

But when Mia’s visions tie Isaac’s missing kid cases to the Russian Mob and one bizarre ATM, a new mystery evolves. Isaac and his team thought they’d shut down the port to human trafficking for good. Little did they know the big fish was lying low, ready to rear his ugly head again.

No longer able to deny her love for Isaac, Mia has to decide – will she open her heart and mind in order to bring an end to these horrific crimes and risk losing Isaac? Or together can Isaac and Mia see the vision, trust the process, and let their hearts be the compass?

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Mia hasn't been more grateful for a week off, time with her family and friends. Mia has trouble trusting people, when her friends step up to help her move her stuff from her condo to her mothers house, she is blown away. Mia and Isaac keep their relationship to themselves, Isaac doesn't like keeping their relationship a secret. Mia has vision's just like her mother, but her mother sees stuff about Mia and her daughters. Mia get's different kinds of visions, when she gets visions she usually passes out. Mia starts to get a vision about the case that Isaac is working on. What happens next?

Mia is a teacher, she has been hurt before. She has two daughters. She has always had a crush on Isaac. Isaac is a Cyber crimes detective for the Tampa Police Department. He is Mia's friend with benefits. Luke is his mentor and his father Charlie saved him. He looks at them like they are his family. Both of his parents past and he has an older brother Josh. Luke just got out of the hospital, he had a wake up call. Emma has two grown children, Luke's wife. She is Mia's friend and she is very concerned about her. Katie is Emma, Mia and Rebecca's friend, she is married to Shane and pregnant. Shane works with Isaac is married to Katie.Scott makes delicious food, is Mia's coworker. Charlie is Luke's father, cares about Abby. Abby is Mia's mother, she is going blind and she went to St. Augustine's. Rebecca is Mia's friend, has an older son Chad. Alexa is Mia's former student and babysitter for the girls. Sarah and Sophie are Mia's daughters. 

This is the second book in the Time series. This is my first book by B.A. Dillon and it wont be my last. I loved how well the story was written and how drawn into the story I was. The characters were very well developed and that I felt connected to the characters. If I could I would give this book more than 5 stars.

BA Dillon is a devoted wife and mother of two grown children, and a dedicated middle school teacher. Writing has always been an outlet for Dillon as she believes words are both powerful and magical. Tethered Through Time is Dillon’s debut novel, with two companion novels on the horizon. Dillon also writes a monthly column, “Turn the Page,” for the magazine 85 South, Out and About. As an avid, passionate reader Dillon gets deeply invested in books, especially if they are full of great dialogue between believable characters. She loves music, words, books, and martinis!


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