Friday, January 30, 2015

This Too Shall Pass by Jettie Woodruff

Small town Cedar Springs is the perfect country setting where everybody knows your name and your business. Alexis McKinley was born and raised in Brady County. Alone, but never lonely, Alexis lived with her four-legged best friend. Her time was either spent remodeling an old farmhouse or striving in her photography studio.

Happy with where life had taken her, she wasn’t expecting Cory Baker. Alexis was content without love. She hated the drama of a relationship, and declared the right to grow old, being known as the cat lady minus the cats. Knowing from past experience that love wasn’t in the cards for her, Alexis spent her life devoted to friends and family. That was enough. It had always been enough. Ambivalent about Cory Baker from the beginning, Alexis didn’t see him coming, not until it was too late anyway.

Cory made her see love through new eyes. The love she’d known before wasn’t even in the same ballpark. This could hurt…

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Jettie Woodruff is a lifelong writer, living in a pretend world since she was a little girl. Jettie spent hours filling pages of spiral notebooks with a number two pencil and a wild imagination. Her very first story was a sci-fi of all things.

Jettie writes more along the lines of deep now. She likes to keep her readers on edge, and deliver a story that will pull out every emotion possible. Writing on the edge of taboo and dark, Jettie hopes to distribute an adventure you'll not soon forget.

Married for twenty five years, raising two boys and one girl has left lots of writing material. She has recently become a grandma to not one, but two of the most beautiful little girls on planet earth.
Jettie also hates doing this bio. That's all you get. She loves to read and write. What else is there? <3

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