Friday, April 4, 2014

Review of"Hugged By An Angel" By: Roberta Capizzi

"Hugged By An Angel" By: Roberta Capizzi
Hugged By An Angel is the story of Colin and Kathleen. Kathleen was in an accident
that put her in a wheelchair and killed her beloved brother. Colin is the physiotherapist working with her. Colin is compassionate and understanding, as he too has suffered loss in his life, and wants to help Kathleen regain her life even though she is angry and guilty that she survived and her brother did not. The two of them have a connection that transcends Kathleen’s handicap, but they will only have a future together if she can let go of her anger and move on after her brother’s death. Can they do it on their own or will they need a little intervention from above?
This story was a beautiful read. There are so many emotions evoked by it, sadness at the loss of Kathleen’s brother and her struggling with her handicap, hope as her and Colin begin to see one another in a romantic way, and belief in something spiritual, just to name a few. Kathleen’s character feels very real and genuine in how she feels guilt and anger about the accident. Colin is just truly amazing in his willingness to help Kathleen and see her for the woman that she is rather than just a patient in a wheelchair. Another beautifully written story with complex characters by the talented Roberta Capizzi.

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