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Review of "To Serve is Divine" Book 1 of the Divine Trilogy by R.E. Hargrave

"To Serve is Divine" By: R.E. Hargrave 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Delving into the world of Dom/Sub relationships and looking at the different types of relationships that exist, "To Serve is Divine" is more than another BDSM book.  It is a examination of the trust that is needed to make such a relationship work and what happens when that trust is broken. 
Catherine is just getting back into the scene after her last Master turned out to be nothing more than an abusive rat-bag.  After his death, it takes Catherine a long time to re-enter the scene and get the pleasure from pain that she so desperately needs.  Saving for months to go to an open night at 'Dungeons and Dreams' was the best investment for her as she attracts the attention of Master Jayden.  She is exactly what Jayden needs in his life - a sub with pain/pleasure desires. 
Jayden has never taken a collared sub before - he has two other subs in his life but has never felt the need to collar them.  Catherine makes him want to take that step with her but her past issues may get in the way.  Jayden though is the type of man that goes after what he wants and gets it and the type of Dom that puts his sub's needs first and foremost.  He finds himself very much out of his comfort zone as his relationship develops with Catherine and he finds out more about her past.  His approach fulfills all of Catherine's needs in terms of emotional, physical and sexual needs.  
As their relationship develops as Master and Catherine and Jayden and Erin, will either give into their growing feelings for each other and will Catherine truly be able to give her Master everything he desires or will her history get in the way? 
Catherine is a strong, independent woman and really must have been to go for she wanted after the experiences she had suffered at the hands of her previous Dom.  It takes a lot of courage to open up to her new Master about these experiences and to grow in her role with him and try new experiences. 
Jayden has a very strong, dominant character but not in a cocky way.  He knows what he wants and goes about it in a quiet and determined way, taking into account Catherine's experiences and adapting to her needs.  He is the man that every woman will want to submit to.  
R.E. Hargrave takes you on a highly charged erotic journey.  Whilst Catherine has the biggest journey to take, Jayden's journey is just as important and just as well told.  It is the trust that they show in each other as they discover themselves that makes this book stand out in the crowd. 

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