Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review of "Desires" By: Galia Ryan

"Desires" By: Galia Ryan 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆ 

Anna and Samantha's stories continue here in Desires.  Both are getting itchy feet and want more out of life than Elite Escorts can give them.  For Anna being an escort is no longer providing the satisfaction that it once did.  The work has become a chore.  She is looking for something more from her life but doesn't know what that is.  When Adam, her regular client from Choices, reappears in her life, wanting her again, it causes her to do some deep thinking about her future.  Will his reappearance rekindle her desires for her work or will it drive her away and towards another future?  Will she choose a life of uncertainty with Adam or a life where she is in control of her own destiny? 
Samantha is always experiencing some self-doubt as an old flame comes to her attention again.  She realises that her life is missing something but what that is she uncertain about.  A trip to London to meet up with an old flame causes her to take a long hard look at her life.  Will things change for her?  Will she open up her heart to the possibility of sharing it with someone else? 
Even Adam is considering his own future as he finds himself wanting Anna back in his life.  He explores the emotions he is feeling for Anna and tries to get her out of his system but finds himself coming back to her time and time again.  But is what he can offer enough for Anna?  He is a dominant male but is this what Anna wants?   
Both Samantha and Anna are strong, independent women but are both suffering a crisis of direction in knowing what they want for their futures.  Their desires have changed over time and their current lives are no longer satisfying them as they once did.  Do they need money, love, male company or a change in career for their future satisfaction? 
Life doesn't always give you want and this story follows this concept through by not giving you a traditional happy ever after ending.  It leaves you wanting more from this trilogy. 

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