Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review of "Fierce" By: Clarissa Wild

"Fierce" By: Clarissa Wild Rating☆☆☆☆☆ 
 This book is the first book in the Fierce series, it is told from Autumn's point of view. Autumn is a geek and isn't looking forward to college. When she got off the bus she was attacked by a leaf blower, when she got to the dorm she realized that she lost her bracelet that her best friend and roommate Evie got her. Hunter found her bracelet, he doesn't know what dorm that she is in to give it back to her. He goes into his dorm and finds her in the room next to his, he goes to return the bracelet but he wont give it back until he knows her name. When Autumn tells him her name he proceeds to call her Leafy, Autumn and Evie don't have many classes together but Hunter and Autumn have class together. After class Hunter receives a phone call,after the phone call he gets very angry and kicks a wall ,Autumn saw him do it and she didn't see him for days. Brody comes to their room to invite Autumn out to have some fun, Autumn didn't want to go because she wanted to do her homework and study. After being interrupted, they decided to go to the library to study. On Autumn's way home from the library she sees a man, she wasn't sure who it was until she got closer and it turned out to be Hunter. He joins a drug gang Alpha Psi for reasons revealed later in the book. While Autumn was at work there was a group of creepy guys in there that kept throwing all their stuff on the floor, when she was let off early the guys fallowed her out of the restaurant, Hunter is there and hears the screaming. Does Hunter get there in time to save Autumn? Autumn works at Denny's, has blue eyes and wears glasses, she loves to read. To me she is a very caring a compassionate person and she is a very loyal friend. Evie is Autumn's best friend and is her roommate. Brody is Autumn's friend from childhood before he went to college, changed a lot. He is part of Alpha Psi. Hunter has a bad reputation, a learning disability, To me Hunter is a very good person and he really cares about his brother. Scarlet is Brody's girlfriend.  While reading this book I felt a whole lot of emotions from sad to happy. One of my favorite quote from the book is “ I think I have a learning disability. Trouble with remembering.” I also liked that I felt like I was a part of the story. This is my first book by Clarissa Wild and it definitely will not be my last. I read this book in two days!! I look forward to the next book! 

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