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Review of "A Divine Life" Book 2 of the Divine Trilogy By: R.E. Hargrave

"A Divine Life" By: R.E. Hargrave 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

With Jayden's decision made at the end of 'To Serve is Divine', we see his plan put into action to make Catherine his one and only sub and his lifetime collared sub.  He recognises that Catherine makes him feel things that he has never felt before and has broken his own rule in developing intense feelings for her.  The journey that he sets Catherine on is designed to push her limits and experience scenes with other trusted Doms before beginning a life of monogamy together.   
While Jayden is very clear on the outcome of this one special anniversary day, the purpose of the day is still unclear to Catherine.  She is filled with self-doubt, jealousy and acceptance that she may be passed on to another Master.  She feels that being passed on is punishment for developing feelings for Master Jayden.  Despite this, she fully partakes in every challenge that Jayden sets her and finds herself surprised at the thought and time he has put into planning each scene. 
The range of emotions that Catherine goes through in the space of a day would be too much for most people but Catherine feeds off these to heighten her enjoyment of the experience...particularly if it could be the last with Master Jayden.  Catherine is still dealing with a lot of issues that are left over from her last Dom, who used his Dom status to be abusive.  She is healing under the guidance and care of Jayden 
Even though Jayden has planned the day down to the nth degree and used trusted friends to help him deliver the scenes, when it come to watching his beautiful Catherine from afar he also runs the gauntlet of emotions.  Can she truly be satisfied with just him?  Is she ready to move forward despite her previous experiences?  Jealousy, self-doubt, pride, love, and amazement follow him through the day.   
Will Catherine decide to stay with her Master Jayden or will the experiences leave her wanting more with other people?  The strength of Catherine's character is apparent throughout this book, even at times of self-doubt, as she chooses to immerse herself in the situations that Jayden has chosen for her.   
This is such a hot, hot story with lots of spice and naughtiness.  It is written in such a way that you become immersed in the experiences of the characters and the story.  You run the gauntlet of emotions with both Jayden and Catherine and find yourself wanting their day to be as perfect as Jayden planned it to be.  
With an ending that is sweet, beautiful and perfect, it is going to be interesting to see where the final part takes this story and I can't wait.  A world of Dom/Sub relationships that is sensitively explored and beautifully written while not shirking the dark side of this world.  The relationship between Catherine and Jayden is an example of how a Dom/Sub relationship should be: mutually beneficial and built on trust. 

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