Friday, April 4, 2014

Review of "Waking Up" By: Renee Dyer

"Waking Up" By: Renee Dyer
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

A beautiful story of re-awakening that is full of emotion.  This is Adriana and Tucker's story as they both begin to rediscover life again but for very different reasons. 
Adriana is barely living after the tragic loss of her husband in a car accident.  Her behaviour is causing her friends to be incredibly concerned about her as she shuts down emotionally and physically.  She is trying desperately to hold on to his memory; to keep him alive. 
Tucker is escaping from his own relationship issues when he discovers his long term girlfriend and co-star cheating on him with a fellow actor.  He is devastated by the betrayal and takes off to escape the drama.  Following the advice of his very spirited Grams, he ends up in front of  Adriana's house. 
The chance meeting changes both their lives as they are instantly drawn to each.  Adriana fights the attraction at every turn as she believes she is betraying her husband.  The feeling of guilt that she should be able to live her life is over-whelming for her.  For Tucker these feelings are very new and he quickly realises that his previous relationships were lacking. He instinct with Adriana is to immediately put her best interests first and protect her. 
Adriana, despite her reluctance, starts to come alive in Tucker's presence and start living again.  Tucker, despite his reluctance, is falling fast and hard for her.  As both start to reveal more of their own pasts and secrets, their bond becomes deeper.   
Tucker and Adriana's story is a powerful one as it deals with the journey of recovery and of living after the loss of your soul mate.  You cannot help but go through the whole raft of emotions with the characters as they travel on their journey of self-discovery together.  They face challenges and hard choices along the way but can they come through it together?   
With a supporting cast of Adriana's friends and Tucker's Grams, there are laugh out loud moments too as well as moments of profound sadness and beauty.  A box of tissues is an absolute must with this book.  Will Tucker and Adriana overcome their many issues and wake up to life for their happy ever after?  Or will the guilt of loving another eat away at Adriana and put a stop to their chances?  Or will Tucker's ex put a spanner in the works and try and win him back, with the world of glamour and acting?  I absolutely loved this story and the characters.  With its beautiful writing, this is a book that I will be revisiting again and again for the pure emotion that it brings to life. 

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