Friday, April 11, 2014

Review of "Picture Perfect" By: Elisabeth Grace

"Picture Perfect" By: Elisabeth Grace 

This book is the second one in the Limelight series. This story is about Skye and Landon. Skye broke up with her boyfriend Vic because he laid his hands on her in anger. She refused to answer any of Vic's calls or texts, she had to block his number from her phone. Skye was sulking for a month when Katie forced Skye to leave her house and to get back in the dating game and to celebrate Skye's new job and her new apartment. Skye finally agreed to leave her house, they went out to the club. While they were dancing Skye felt like she was being watched. Skye was getting hit on and her mystery man saved her from the man who was hitting on her, she also got vomited on . She ran to the bathroom and stripped out of her clothes to clean off the vomit, when she came out of the bathroom her mystery man was standing outside the door. Landon couldn't get his mystery woman out of his head. While Skye was getting ready to meet her boss for the first time,she wants everything to be perfect for when he got there. Mr. Landon Steele called and said that he was going to be late and that he wanted her to keep his client company until he got there. Little did Skye know was that her mystery man was none other then her boss. Landon was surprised when he saw Skye. One night when Skye was leaving the office Vic was standing by her car because she hasn't been taking his calls. Landon has dreams of taking his business to the entertainment side as well so he and Skye start preparing their presentation for Calder. 
Skye broke up with Vic because he laid his hands on her in anger. She has never had a man lay his hands on her in anger. She has a politician for a father and a mother who has done charity work. Has a Job at Landon Steele's PR Firm as his personal assistant. Landon owns his own PR firm, he is Skye's mystery man from the club. He is known as the man with nerves of steel, he is tall and handsome. Katie dragged Skye out of the house. She is Skye and Ellie's friend. Ellie is Skye's and Katie's friend, she lives in LA with her boyfriend Mason. Ellie and Skye always celebrate their birthdays together. Ellie hasn't liked Vic from the beginning. Vic is manipulative, Jealous and abusive. He is also Skye's ex and is trying to get back together with her. 
While reading this book I had mixed emotions from happy to sad. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “ Does he know that you are here?” No why?” “ Because he is coming up behind you and he doesn't look to stoked.” 
Elisabeth Grace is an amazing author and I highly recommend the Limelight series to anyone. I have recommended this series to friends. I was hooked from the first page. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the read/review of Picture Perfect! So glad you enjoyed Skye & Landon's story!! :)