Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review of "Throttle Me" by: Chelle Bliss

"Throttle Me" by: Chelle Bliss
Ratings: ☆☆☆☆☆

            This is the story about Suzy and Joesph. Suzy was on her way home from a girl's night with her friend Sophia. On her way home her car dies, when a biker comes down the road. She doesn't know if he will stop and help her. The name of the biker is Joesph but goes by City, he goes by City because he is originally from Chicago. City takes a look at Suzy's car, but he can't fix it. So City offers to take Suzy to the Neon Cowboy so she can call a tow truck, but she has never been on a bike before. While at the bar she meets City's friends Bear, Tank, Hog,Frisco and Sam. After calling for a tow truck that wouldn't be out there until some time in the morning. Then City asks his friend tank if he would fix her car and told him that he would pay for it. So Suzy gave her car keys to tank. City took her home and asked her out on a date. On their date they go dancing and she doesn't like to dance. When Suzy arrives at work she tells Sophia about City. Sophia and Kayden invite Suzy and City over for a Barbecue. Kayden tells City not to break Suzy's heart. Suzy is a teacher and she has a list that she fallows about what type of man she wants to be with. She hasn't had sex in a year and she is very controlling. Doesn't have a good relationship with her family. City's real name is Joesph, he is a biker and has a lot of tattoos. City owns a tattoo shop with his siblings. I feel that city is trying to get Suzy to come out of her shell and have fun while trying new things. Sophia works with Suzy and encourages her to follow her heart and forget about her list. She is Suzy's best friend, she is engaged to Kayden and they have a son Jett together. Kayden is friends with Suzy, he is very protective of Suzy. He thinks of Suzy as a sister. Doesn't want to see her hurt. Tank fixes Suzy's car, is friends with City. Mikey is Joesph's brother and owns the tattoo shop with Joesph, does the piercings. Izzy is the only girl with four older brothers. She is a tattoo artist, owns tattoo shop with Joesph. She is also very loose lipped. Anthony is one of Joesph's brothers, owns the tattoo shop with Joesph, Izzy and Mikey. Tommy is the fourth brother, he is undercover cop. While reading this book I felt happy. I felt that I really connected with Suzy because she wants certain things in life and she is afraid of things that aren't in her plans. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book.” He asked me to be his girlfriend, Sophia. Can you believe that?”

This book was my first book by Chelle Bliss and it definitely will not be my last. Its a great book and very hard to put down. Chelle Bliss is an amazing author. I highly recommend this book.

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