Friday, April 4, 2014

Review of "Rumor Has it" By: Elisabeth Grace

"Rumor Has it" By: Elisabeth Grace 

This is the first book in the series and is about Ellie and Mason.Ellie works at Beachside Realty, its a job that she doesn't like. Katie starts talking about the video. Ellie doesn't like talking about the video because she received a lot of hurtful messages from it, she can't get on social media. Her boss sends her to the beach front property because the housekeeper locked the key in the house. Ellie had to break into the house using the bathroom window because she couldn't get into the house with the key that she had. While going through the window she fell and hit her head, she also hurt her wrist. When she looked up there was a man standing there. Mason doesn't believe her that she is from Beachside Realty. He thinks that she is another fan. He checks her out to make sure that she is okay 
Ellie lives with her mother and her husband, she hates having to live there because she wants to be out on her own. She wants to have a better job. She is a very smart person and she is also very beautiful. She doesn't know who Mason is. There is a attraction between Mason and Ellie. Mason rents the beachfront property, he knows how to take care of injury’s because of his mother. He wants to do a reality television show so he can set up his little brother and sister for life. He is a hip- hop artist, has tattoos and he is very fit. Jeff is Ellie's boss and he likes to make things that he tells his employees an order and not a request. Katie works with Ellie, tells it like it is, Ellie's friend. Skye is Ellie's friend, they went to school together. Troy is Mason's manager, got Mason his big start. Jasmine is Mason's makeup artist and friend. 
When reading I felt happy is some parts. In other parts I felt plain sad and mad. I loved how all the characters went together. I also loved how I felt like part of the story. I also felt like I connected with Ellie. Here is one of the quotes that I liked. I wasn't in this guys league, I wasn't even in the ball park; heck I couldn't even afford tickets to watch the game. Do Ellie and Mason act on their attraction? You will have to read the book to find out. 
This is my first book by Elisabeth Grace, I loved how I was pulled into the story. This will most definitely not be my last story by Elisabeth. I can't wait to read book two. 

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