Saturday, July 9, 2022

Unexpected by Felice Stevens


Unexpected by Felice Stevens

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Party planner Colin is sent on a forced vacation to the same destination as ex-baseball player Walker. It is Colin's worst nightmare as he doesn't like to drink, dance or party so imagine his dismay to find he has ended up with Walker's suitcase and Walker is proving to difficult to contact to rectify the mistake. Walker is everything that Colin isn't. He charismatic, vivacious, confident, outgoing, and loves to party. Colin is much happier quietly organising and buried in his spreadsheets.

There are genuine reasons for Colin's reserved nature but he comes across as very standoffish. Thankfully, Walker is able to see through the wall he has put up and gradually pulls it down. We see him coming out of his shell and enjoying himself more, being more relaxed and pushing himself outside of his comfort zone more. They are both polar opposites but they make sense.

I really enjoyed Colin and Walker's story. There was an under-lying humour to it as well as an inherent sweetness to the growing relationship between them both. A great opposites attract read.

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