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The Price of Peace by ML Nystrom


Author: ML Nystrom
Title: The Price of Peace
Series: The Dutchmen MC, #3
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2022
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design


I didn’t choose this life. It was chosen for me a long time ago. Meet a darker breed of bikers in bestselling author ML Nystrom’s gritty The Dutchmen MC series.

Sold at sixteen to a man three times her age, Carrie’s life has been a series of betrayals and brutalities. Beaten and starved, she fights to keep any shred of dignity she has left until she can find a way to escape the life she never chose.

Angel appears as her salvation, but her hopes are destroyed as his lies and duplicities are exposed.

What price does she have to pay to finally find her peace?

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

This is the third book in this series, which must be read in order. Although there is some cross over in terms of the timeline with the first in the series. This book won't be for everyone as there are some very graphic scenes at the start that deal with rape, abuse and slavery.

Carrie was sold to the Tigers Clan MC by her own mother when she was sixteen years old. Forced to service the MC's President, her life is a never-ending circle of abuse that she can't escape from. There is one bright star in her life when Angel comes into the MC's life. He covertly does what he can to help her prepare to escape when the time is right but when the time comes, he is not everything she thought.

The second half of this book is based on Carrie's life after the MC and how she rebuilds her life. Whilst Angel's true identity is not what she expected, imagine her surprise when he comes back into her life.

Unsurprisingly, Carrie has major trust issues and keeps her circle small. No-one knows her full history but she does everything she can to ensure that she won't be a victim ever again. One thing is very clear to me about her and that is she has an incredible amount of strength and courage to not only survive and escape but rebuild her life successfully.

Angel had a job to do whilst part of the Tigers Clan MC but he recognised something special in Carrie. What he did took a special kind of strength as well.

It is clear that this is a darker read and one that is not easy. Whilst the first half is graphic in nature, it is necessary to understand her life and experiences as well as the contrast to the period after the MC. For me, this is the best in the series so far. 


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I've had stories in my head since I was a child.  All sorts of stories of fantasy, romance, mystery and anything else that captured my interest.  I'm a voracious reader, and have spent many hours in my life devouring books, therefore it's only fitting I should write a few myself!  

I've spent most of my life as a performing musician and band instrument repair technician, but that doesn't mean I'm pigeon-holed into one mold.  I've been a university professor, belly dancer, craftsperson, soap maker, singer, rock band artist, jewelry maker, lifeguard, swim coach, and whatever else I feel like exploring.  As one of my students said to me once, "Life's too short to ignore the opportunities."   I have no intention of ever stopping so welcome to my story world.  I hope you enjoy it!

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