Thursday, July 28, 2022

Summer Job by Jo Richardson


Title: Summer Job
Series: Summers in Seaside Collection #8
Author: Jo Richardson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 28, 2022

Ella Green is looking forward to some time off from her stressful job.

Soaking up the sun with her toes in the sand is a hell of a lot less dangerous than chasing down bad guys and dodging bullets on the regular. But when a wealthy resident of the small town she’s ended up in approaches her with a unique problem he'd like her to handle, saying no isn’t as easy as Ella thought it would be.
Will her standard alias and quick wit get the job done and still leave her time to relax?
Or will she have to work a little harder to earn the money this time?

"I'll be a good girl. Promise."

Rating: ☆☆☆

Private Investigator Ella is trying to have a quiet, relaxing time in Seaside when she is approached to help a stranger with a case.

This was a slightly odd book for me, with a picket pocket having lifted a thumb drive from an unstable son of a wealthy man. Along the way she becomes attracted to her prime suspect. Whilst I liked the premise, the execution didn't match for me. I felt that it ended abruptly and it didn't really have a clear direction.

That being said, I liked the characters and qualities that they brought to the book. Ella was feisty and bounced well off the other characters.

Welcome to Summers in Seaside, a small town located along the Oregon Coast and home of the Seaside Festival. This brand new series of short contemporary romance stories is filled with sun, sand and summer adventures that will tug at your heart strings.

It's not about me, it's about them *nods to characters*... however, simply put:

→ FanAddict
→ Superhero geek
→ Sarcasm academy
→ Mystery aficionado
→ Paranormally fascinated
→ Twisted sense of humor
→ Broken in oh, so many ways
→ Believer that love is perfectly imperfect

Life is messy. I like to write about the mess and make something good come out of it. That includes any, and / or all of the above + everything else that happens along the way.


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