Friday, July 22, 2022

The Lost Maidens by Destiny Swallows & Ruby Marley


Title: The Lost Maidens
Authors: Destiny Swallows & Ruby Marley
Genre: LGBTQ Viking Romance, Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: July 19, 2022

Alva and her wife Lise are on a mission to lead the sassy Princess Kaitlyn to a new land to combine her clan and a new clan by way of marriage to their chief's son. Standoffish, the two quickly draw a disdain for one another unmatched by Thor and Loki's. However, when a storm rocks their world and capsizes their boat, Alva and Kaitlyn are tasked with exploring not only a new world, but also their newfound desires for one another.

When the pair comes across a village hidden in the cold Canadian arctic, they embark upon creating a new life with these native people. As they become one with the Inuit, how will these shield maidens prepare for their biggest threat yet?

Will Alva be able to find Lise in their new village? Or will she seek comfort in the arms of Kaitlyn? Will the shield maiden's be enough to protect the village from frost giants? Find out in The Lost Maidens!

The cold metal of the rings did not affect Alva as they touched her flesh. She was aware of a greater chill now, and nothing would ever compare to it.

It was becoming too hard to keep herself composed. Alva had to get out of there.

With a hand covering her mouth, she darted out of the hut. “Alva!” A high-pitched, desperate voice called after her. But no one pursued, and Alva was grateful for that. She needed to be alone, where no one could see or hear her.

As Alva stepped back out into nature, she realized the song of death was not in her head; someone was actually singing it, and the rest of the tribe was gathering around them, joining in the performance. It was easy to figure out who was singing. Alva stepped to the edge of the village where no one would find her and just sat in her heartbreak, listening to the song that was sending her beloved to Valhalla. Was it appropriate that it was Kaitlyn who was singing the song? Alva didn’t know. Part of her felt that it was right. And the other part of her felt that it was adding insult to injury.

Lise was gone. Forever. And there was nothing Alva could do to change that fact.

Ruby Marley started writing erotic stories and fiction when she was eighteen-years-old. When her stories started gaining attention on the internet, she realized this was a career that was made for her. She began honing her craft, improving her skills with every passing year. In 2018, she started sharing her work with the world again, this time in the form of audio scripts on the subreddit GoneWildAudio. Now, she’s back in her element and writing stories. 

Destiny was kidnapped and forced to write this at writer point by Ruby. Having wrote privately for years, Ruby convinced her friend to share her work with the world. She’s traveled around the world, seeing far off places that inspire the worlds she writes.


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