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Unholy Creations by C. Shell Blog Tour

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Unholy Creations by C. Shell The Associates #1 
Publication Date: October 14, 2014 
Genres: Paranormal, Romance 
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Unholy Creations

My name is Kara Radcliff and I’m a witch. Not the pointy hat and black cat kind that you see on Halloween, but a true spell casting, sneaker wearing, party loving, kick-ass witch. Until two weeks ago, that is all I was and all I ever wanted to be. My expectations in life didn’t soar higher than graduating college and finding a decent job that would help pay off my mounting student loans. All of that went out the window when I received the invitation. I've been selected to compete for the chance of a lifetime. If I win, not only will I fulfill the newly vacant spot as an Associate, but I will be leaving my family behind to go live and work alongside the four Rulers of our paranormal community. I will be trusted in helping them keep our kind safe and hidden from the humans and those among us that prefer to cause trouble and mayhem. Every society has hoodlums, our kind just happen to cause more destruction than most. Being an Associate is an honor. The job is dangerous and will require me to go up against Fae, shifters, witches, and vampires that are much more powerful and stronger I could ever hope to be. I love kicking butt and casting spells, but even I have my limits. On top of everything, I seem to have caught the attention of two of the Rulers. Only I could go from having no men in my life to having one too many. Neither man is used to hearing the word, “No”, and although my mind says the word often, my mouth and body keep saying, “Yes”. What is a witch to do? Am I up for this new challenge? Yes. Can I handle the danger? Yes. Will my heart survive the journey? Maybe. This is my screwed up story. This is my crazy life, and this is the just the beginning.

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Finding the kitchen was not as easy as I had originally hoped it to be. My first wrong turn led me into an enormous library stocked full of old artifacts and books datng back to eras I learned about in history class. From there I visited the theater room, security room, and lastly the weight room where I ran into Cam.
Seeing him pressing weights boggles my mind, not to mention other parts of my body that find his physique and shirtless top half incredibly appealing.
“I thought Vampires were naturally strong and didn’t need to work out?” I ask, doing a horrible job at keeping my eyes on focused on anything above his shoulders instead of following the teasing line of sparse hair that leads down his taut stomach and into the waistband of his low riding gym shorts.
“We are,” he grunts, pushing the bar away from his chest, only to pull it back down once again, “but I enjoy working out. I find that it helps keep me relaxed and focused.
“Makes sense,” I nod, not knowing what else to say.
I walk over to stand next to Cam so I didn’t have to raise my voice over the sound of the weights hitting against each other. “I was looking for the kitchen, but keep taking a wrong turn.
Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?”
Cam pushes the bar up one more before placing it back on its stand. Standing to his full height, he grabs my hand and begins pulling me out of the room and down a long hallway, one of which I had yet to go down.
“You could have just given me directions. I didn’t mean for you to stop what you were doing on my account,” I pout.
“And what fun would that be?” he laughs. “Eating with a beautiful lady beats working out any day of the week.”
I’ve been called beautiful before, but hearing it from Cam, makes me blush something crazy.
Not trusting myself not to say something stupid, I keep my mouth shut and continue to follow his lead.
The kitchen, if you could call it that, is something only a culinary genius could think up. With high-end, stainless steel appliances, large granite countertops that go on forever, and not one, not two, but three refrigerators, that are stocked full with food and a huge pantry just as full.
Pulling out the bread and fixings for a turkey sandwich, I tell Cam everything my family said about the dream walking, and how for it to work correctly, Flynn can’t meddle and try to spell me to sleep again. He pulls up a chair beside me and listens attentively, seeming just concerned as I am about trying to get back to the Rogue’s lair.
“So if you get hurt while dream walking, your wounds are real and stay with you when you
wake-up?” he asks, brows pinched together in thought.
I swallow down a bite of my sandwich before answering. “Yep, that seems to be the gist of it.”
“I have no doubt you can do this,” he says bumping his shoulder against mine. “You’re far stronger then you give yourself credit for. Don’t let your fears hold you back.”
I munch on a few potato chips while letting the seriousness of our conversation soak in. “Will you help me with something?” I blurt out before I have a chance to stop myself.
Cam turns to me, his smoldering eyes locking on my startled ones. My pulse increases to an unhealthy pace as he places a hand on the back of my stool and leans in closer, close enough that our breaths mingle and mix as one.
“Sure darling, what do you need help with?” he asks, sexual innuendo heavily dripping off each and every one of his words. Warm hands land softly on the top of my thighs, sending sparks through my body and making my girlie bits sing with glee.
His thumbs start rubbing small circles on the top of my thighs. With each new swipe, the circles increase in width, taking on more area of my skin and getting closer and closer to my achy core. I silently thank my lucky stars that vampires can only smell things and not emotions like shifters can, because if Cam could smell my emotions, he would know how turned on I am right now. His light but consistent touch has me wet and ready like a bride on her wedding night.
I bite my lip as I mentally fight against reason on why I should tell Cam to back off. The problem with Cam is that he is naturally flirtatious and sexual in nature, so knowing when he is being serious, and when he is playing around, is not an easy task.
My gulp dissolves to a screech as the door of the kitchen slams open, bouncing against the wall and leaving a hole where the door handle used to be. I jump out of Cam’s grasp, just as Derick stalks into the room, his green vibrant eyes glowing from his inner wolf.

C. Shell 

 I have loved books and romance novels since I was in high school. The happy endings and endless possibilities are alluring and addictive. I currently reside in Texas and when I am not thinking up my next bad-boy character I am working in the community rescuing dogs while being a wife and mother to my wonderful family. I invite you to ask question, keep up to date with my latest books and give me your feedback.

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