Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review of "Her Master's Courtesan" by Lily White

"Her Master's Courtesan" by Lily White
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

           Aiden acquires women and turns them into courtesans, slaves meant to serve their master’s every sexual desire. Although it was Rebecca’s golden hair and broad smile that caught his attention, it was Rebecca’s slim curvaceous body that he desired. Rebecca was to go to another member of the secret society Aiden belonged to after her training was complete, yet her body was like a drug to him, a drug he wanted more and more of each time and each way he took her. When Rebecca finally accepts her circumstances she comes to the realization that the only semblance of happiness she can expect to attain is to give Aiden what he wants in the hopes that he’ll want to keep her for his own instead of giving her up. She wants to make him love her by showing him love, but Aiden doesn’t seem capable of love and adamantly expresses his clear desire of not wanting love. When he does sell Rebecca to a man far more sadistic than himself, Rebecca must fight for her life. I found Aiden to be a deplorable character for what he did, taking women and breaking them down mentally and physically to turn them into whores to be sold. I admit that I did read this story with the hope that Aiden would indeed come to love Rebecca in some conventional sense of the word and although that didn’t happen I was pleased that there was somewhat of a happy ending to this story. I wouldn’t call his feelings for her love by any means, yet they seemed to have a connection with one another beyond that of a master and his courtesan. I admired Rebecca’s spirit in rebelling against Aiden in the beginning in the hopes that she would gain her freedom, yet found it somewhat of a relief when she started to accept the circumstances in which she was in since freedom was not an option and her acceptance and compliance meant she wouldn’t be punished. This story is not for everyone, but rather a very specific group of readers. You won’t find a traditional love story here or perhaps even what you would call a love story at all, but if you are looking for some steamy kinky sex in your reading, this first book in a series will not disappoint.

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