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Portrayal by A.R. Thomas



Whiskey Promises No 1

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Lily Spencer is finally getting her life back on track.

She's making a name for herself in the art community and letting go of the past.

That is until Jace Bennett comes into her life, the cocky architect is everything she has promised herself to stay away from.

No matter how hard she resists him, he is just as determined to show her what irresponsible feels like.

A man like Jace is used to getting his own way.

But with Lily he is out of his depth.

She is the only woman who is happy to see the back of him.

The further from him she goes the harder he tries to win her over.

It's never as simple as winning.

Not when their pasts are hanging over them...


Rating: 4.5*

First things first, this book was off the charts hot. The chemistry between Lily and Jace was instantaneous and highly combustible.

Lily is just recovering from a relationship that was abusive by all accounts when she meets Jace. While she is attracted to him, she wants to hate him with his arrogance and womanising ways but temptation is too much. Jace has never felt such a connection to anyone before meeting Lily but he knows that he wants her in his life and for more than a one night stand. 

Whilst Jace is certainly rich, hot, and fantastic in the bedroom, relationships and the way that he feels about Lily are very new to him. His behaviour will be controversial and certainly made me feel uncomfortable and cautious towards their relationship. Lily is afraid of committing to another relationship and when things become too personal she runs.  

I feel emotionally drained after reading this, having run the gauntlet of emotions as the story unfolded. These characters were realistic and imperfect with the flaws that make us human. Whilst this was, at times, difficult to read I am glad I stuck with it. I will be eagerly waiting for the continuation of their story.

Meet the Author

A. R. Thomas is an Author from England who writes contemporary romance with an edge. After being an avid reader (and away with the fairies) for years she realized she needed more than to be on the receiving end of a good book, she wanted to deliver one. What started as a hobby soon became an obsession, and as they say the rest is history.

Angsty, edgy, romance heavy . . . the perfect recipe for any love story, right?

A. R. Thomas lives with her son, and when she’s not supporting him from the sidelines at his latest sporting event, she is usually, lost to the thought of a book. She manages to make the most innocent of things sound dirty; it’s both a gift and a curse, but thankfully her friends encourage her.

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