Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Review of "Sweet Deceit" By: K.A. Duggan

"Sweet Deceit" By: K.A. Duggan
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I finished this book a few days ago but wanted to take the time to reflect before writing this review. Let me start with saying how much I enjoyed reading this book but it took a little getting into. Let me explain. For me, Fliss' actions at the start of this book took me some time to become comfortable with her and to actually like. However, as her story unfolds and you come to understand her better, everything makes sense. This was very skilful on the part of K.A. Duggan.

Fliss tracks down an author she has been helping and talking with online and turns up at his house. Ashton is said author and mistakes her for his new roommate. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Fliss and the decisions she makes but what is clear is that she is running from something and hoping for something better. Whilst she knows that moving in with him is wrong and she does have conflicted thoughts about it, she does eventually take the chance.

Whilst Ash is completely oblivious to the reason for Fliss being in his life, once he discovers the real reason he doesn't fly off the handle and judge her. He takes the time to understand - a special man.

This was a very different read to most books I have read recently and it was one I really enjoyed. I found the complexity around Fliss' character to be what made this book stand out for me.  Another great read by K.A. Duggan.

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