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Young at Heart by Kay Ellis

Title: Young at Heart

Author: Kay Ellis

Length: novella
Genre: LGBTQ, MM, romance, gay romance
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Devon Alexander is a wealthy successful businessman. The world is his oyster. In his work life he is decisive and in control.
His private life is another matter.
There, he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going in his on-off relationship with Jesse Young, an unemployed aspiring model half his age.
Can Devon and Jesse overcome the obstacles and outside influences standing in their way? Can they leave behind their own fear and mistrust? Or will they be their own worst enemies?


“We would like a room, please.”
The receptionist took one look at them and turned her nose up. Instantly, Devon was irritated by the woman’s superior attitude. She saw an older man with an attractive, much younger man and made assumptions.
“I’m afraid we’re fully booked, Sir,” the receptionist said haughtily. “You’ll have to try elsewhere.”
“Ingrid, is it?” Devon leaned over the desk to peer at her name badge. “Well, you listen to me, Ingrid. Alexander Industries sends a lot of business your way and I know for a fact you have nowhere near full occupancy at this time of year. Unless you want to explain to your boss exactly why you’re turning away one of your best customers, I suggest you find me a
room. If you don’t, I will be explaining to my good friend, Mr. Xavier, why I’ll be sending my business to your rivals in the future.”
Ingrid paled visibly beneath her heavy foundation. Even if she had not recognized Devon, she had to be aware Alexander Industries was one of the hotel’s biggest and most influential customers. She was also aware that offending a high-profile paying guest, who happened to be a close friend of her notoriously strict employer, was not a wise career move.
“Of course,” she gave a frosty smile. “Does Sir have any luggage?”
“No,” Devon smiled sweetly. “Sir simply requires a room in which to fuck his teenage lover’s brains out.”
“Room 615,” Ingrid sniffed. “Although Sir might like to know this is not the kind of establishment that rents rooms by the hour.”
“Don’t sweat it,” Jesse snorted, reaching over Devon’s shoulder to pluck the key card from the receptionist’s cool fingers. “We intend to fuck all night.”
They crossed the foyer and walked into the lift without a backward glance. Jesse jabbed angrily at the brightly lit number panel.
“Bitch!” he said vehemently as the doors shut.
“I mean, who the fuck does she think she is?”
“She had no right talking to you like that.”
“Jess!” Devon shot out his hand and grabbed Jesse firmly by the balls, his fingernails digging through the material of Jesse’s suit trousers. Jesse yelped and went very still. “Do I have your attention?”
“Yes,” he said in a small voice, not daring to move for fear Devon would do him permanent damage.
“Good. Now, listen to me.” Devon loosened his grip, but did not release him completely. He stroked the length of Jesse’s stiffening cock, making him moan with pleasure.
“Agreed, she’s a bitch, but we are not about to let her ruin this for us. Okay?”
“Okay,” Jesse murmured huskily. His fingers curled around Devon’s wrist, pressing the palm of his hand against his now-rigid shaft. “Have you ever fucked in a lift?”

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About the author

Kay Ellis lives in rural Oxfordshire in the UK, where she’s mum to two beautiful daughters. From an early age, she has written stories, with a sole readership of one – her mum, Sylvia. In 2013, someone suggested Kay enter a competition on national television to find a new ‘racey reads’ author. Much to Kay’s surprise, she made it to the final three, and although she didn’t win, the high praise received for her work gave her the confidence to start submitting to publishers.
When not writing, Kay enjoys reading, eating out and the theatre.

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