Friday, March 27, 2015

Review of "Changing Tides" By: Sarah Darlington

"Changing Tides" By: Sarah Darlington

The girls at school used to pick on her as a sport because she was a lesbian. So she started hanging out with Noah. Ellie,Georgie, Noah, Sydney, Luce and Rhett all go on a vacation together. Ellie has a secret about why they are going on vacation. Ellie and Nathaniel met on a plane to California. They almost got it on in the airplane bathroom but they were interrupted. She got off the plane before Nathaniel did because he fell asleep. He wanted to give her his number but he couldn't because she was already gone. 

Ellie doesn't know who she is anymore, she hates keeping secrets. Nathaniel has a thing for Ellie, she is an actor and has a cat. Georgina Noah's girlfriend and Ellie's sister. Noah is worried about how Georgie will react to the news, Georgie's boyfriend. Ben is Ellie and Georgie's brother. Luce is Rhett's friend with benefits, Ellie's friend. Rhett is Ellie and Noah's friend and roommate.Has a thing for Sydney. Sydney had a one night stand,Georgie's friend. David is Nathaniel's brother, married and has kids. 

Changing Tides the second book in the Kill Devil Hills series. I loved how well I connected with the characters. Sarah is an amazing author and I can't wait to read more of her books.

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