Sunday, March 22, 2015

Review of "Heart of Dixon" By: Danielle Jamie

"Heart of Dixon" By: Danielle Jamie

The feisty, fiery, sassy, takes no messing Brooklyn is back!  This time though there is a vulnerability to her as she comes to terms with what happened to Savannah.  There is a realisation that she needs something more from her relationships than a quick roll in the hay and move on to the next.  The attraction between Dixon and Brooklyn is still scorching hot but he doesn't meet her emotional needs, which finds her leaning more on Jax as the story unfolds.  Dixon is very much blowing hot and cold towards Brooklyn not wanting to become emotionally attached.

With Savannah's attacker still on the loose, there is still a clear and present to danger to the girls.  The build up is slow.  Danielle Jamie slowly winds the reader up to the point where you don't know when it's going to spring on you.  You are sat on the edge of your seat, wondering throughout whilst enjoying the verbal sparring between the characters. Another fun read.

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