Friday, March 20, 2015

Review of “Tales of the Fifth Guardian, Book 4: Roderick” By CM Johnson

“Tales of the Fifth Guardian, Book 4: Roderick” By CM Johnson
Rating: ☆☆☆

Tales of the Guardian 4 left me confused and a little unsettled. I have been with Keri and Kerreth since the start. Book 3 left off with Keri and Kerreth celebrating birthdays and started in this book with Keri already in trouble. There seemed to be a jump in where the story was supposed to be.

While Keri and Kerreth have been gaining their power and are fast approaching the time of Ascension, Book 4 sees their Tesha’s gaining more power. Presumably because it is needed to aid and protect Keri and Kerreth. The powers grow by leaps and bounds for everyone.

It seemed that Keri was in constant trouble every other page. Keri was powerful enough to save herself and yet she didn’t. Keri was not safe in her own home on multiple occasions despite all of their precautions and her power. It just felt like the book was always on edge of what bad thing will happen to Keri next.

There are some sensitive parts in the story that I wasn’t prepared for. I wanted Keri to just deal with the bad guys. Keri is very powerful and should have just put an end to it. She kept stating that it wasn’t time and she KNEW this from the power. It was harder to accept the KNOWELEDGE when it’s scenes of extreme torture and not just prophecies.

There was more interesting things to learn about the clans and the different factions. As well as how each clan had different lines and those could be identified through their power signatures.

We did learn some curse words from the old language in this book. Curse words in a different language are always cool. In the end Keri is excited about changes being made some that include allowing women to be included in the security teams. These changes will help Keri have a future since she isn’t one to sit still as a ruler.

This is not a stand alone book and one that you would be best to read from the start to know what is going on.

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