Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Kennedy + Tristan by Frances Paul


Title: Kennedy + Tristan
Series: The Moretti Crime Family 
Author: Frances Paul
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: October 6, 2020
Cover Design: EllenMark Press
In a time of war even love can change sides.
A young Civil Engineer student travels to Italy to complete her studies at a prestigious university. Instead, she crosses paths with Tristan Moretti, a man whose business dealings dwell deep within the underworld—a world she never thought she'd be a part of.
But Tristan becomes a force Kennedy can't ignore. A man whose touch she can't get enough of. She knows it's dangerous. She knows falling for Tristan will lead to a lifetime of consequences. Still, she can't stay away.
Tristan has taken his father's place as head of the Moretti Family—a role he's been preparing for his whole life. He knows the kind of darkness that lurks within the shadows of his world, how it corrupts innocence, and ruins lives.
But once he realizes Kennedy is the only woman he'll ever want, nothing can stop him from having her. He's determined to rule with her at his side and vows to protect her no matter the cost.
As a lethal power slithers its way into their world and shakes the very foundation of the Moretti family, Tristan and Kennedy find themselves at the edge of survival where a decision must be made.
Do they stand together and fight…or will they be torn apart and fight each other?

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