Thursday, September 10, 2020

Fruit of the Land by Gina Sturino


Title: Fruit of the Land
Author: Gina Sturino
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Release Date: October 8, 2020
Sometimes the greatest challenges in life, come after death.
Overcome with grief after her daughter suffers a fatal injury, Mira finds herself thrust into a realm of gods and goddesses. While she fears this divine dimension is an illusion brought on by her despair, Mira prays it is real.
But this perfect existence comes at a price.
In a world that defies imagination, Mira is reunited with her seemingly healed daughter, Calla, and with Nicholas, Calla’s father—and Mira’s lost love. In the mortal world, Mira and Nick’s passionate relationship came to a tragic end when he was killed in action, leaving Mira to raise their daughter alone. Now reunited, Mira learns of Nick’s role in Calla’s life… and her death.
As Mira grapples with forgiveness, she must rely on Nick’s help for the sake of their child. The pair return to the mortal world, growing closer as their love rekindles. But new obstacles threaten to derail their fragile relationship.
Questioning everything she’s ever been told, Mira must make the ultimate sacrifice to fulfill her family’s destiny.
From author Gina Sturino comes a breathtaking adventure of hope, forgiveness, and the unbreakable bond of love.
“New beginnings, new life, new love. A beautiful story that takes you on an emotional roller coaster.” – Bianca H.
“Every little break I had today I read as much as I could! SO GOOD!!” – Holly L.
“It is so beautifully written. The imagery is incredible! Love it!” – Chelle S.
Gina Sturino has been devouring romance novels since her teenage years. After marrying her very own Prince Charming, she found the inspiration to write her debut novel. While her husband isn’t a god (like Nick in Fruit of the Land), he’s pretty darn close (he may or may not have told her to write that), and helped inspire the character. They’ve lived in cities coast-to-coast and have settled in their hometown outside of Madison, Wisconsin, where they are raising their daughter.

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