Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Coming Unplugged by Renee Harless

Title: Coming Unplugged
Series: Welcome to Carson #6
Author: Renee Harless
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 27, 2018


He’s a rockstar that can have any woman he wants, 
but he has his sights set on his brother’s best friend.

Ryker always felt that he lived in the shadows of his genius twin brother Jameson; no amount of platinum records or devoted fans can change that. Especially when the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen crashes his sister’s wedding and rushes into his brother’s arms. He wants her more than he has ever wanted anything and, brother be damned, he is determined to make her his.

Norah is in trouble. She has spent years perfecting a secret device for the government only to have it stolen. On a whim, she enlists the help of her best friend Jameson. What she never expects is to meet her best friend’s brother and for him to offer more than just protection, he offers his heart.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

When Norah has to run for her safety when her secret government project is stolen, she runs straight to her best friend Jameson and crashes a family wedding to get to him.  His best friend's twin brother is a rock star.  Ryker, as soon as he sees Norah, feels an instant connection to her and she brings out his alpha protective nature.

Norah is fiercely independent so having to ask for help and rely on others is not easy for her.  She brings out Ryker's over protective side and finds him wanting more with her.

This was certainly action packed.  If you are looking for a read that will get your heart racing then this is the book for you.  Whilst the story felt a little far fetched, I didn't really care as I was fully immersed in its twists and turns.
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Author Bio

Renee Harless, her husband, and children live in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  She studied Communication, specifically Public Relations, at Radford University.

Growing up, Renee always found a way to pursue her creativity. It began by watching endless runs of White Christmas- yes even in the summer – and learning every word and dance from the movie. She could still sing Sister Sister if requested. In high school she joined the show choir and a community theatre group, The Troubadours. After marrying the man of her dreams and moving from her hometown she sought out a different artistic outlet – writing.

To say that Renee is a romance addict would be an understatement. When she isn’t chasing her toddler around the house, working her day job, or writing, she delves head first into a romance novel.

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