Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review of "One More Time (Nicki Sosebee #5)" By: Jade C. Jamison

"One More Time (Nicki Sosebee #5)" By: Jade C. Jamison

            Being the 5th book in the Nicki Sosebee series, you really need to have read the previous four first. To get the best the experience of this series and the characters it is important that they are read in order. So Nicki Sosebee is still trying to make her mark as a journalist, whilst still working part-time as a waitress. Her love life is still complicated as she is still drawn to two men: Sean and Jesse. She has chosen to be with one of them and it is getting serious, much to Nicki's horror. Commitment scares her as she fears loosing her independence and the fun they are having. The story that she chases in this book is quite different than the previous ones. On one of her drives through town, she notices that there are more people living in poverty than she thought. She sets out to raise awareness of this and the plight of the homeless. Along the way she manages to anger those who don't want to admit the problem and who want to shift the problem away from their town. Those that she angers make threats against a friend. Will the powerful win out over Joe public or can Nicki make a real difference with her campaign? Whilst Nicki is still the fun, sassy woman from the previous books, she is certainly more thoughtful and we see a touch of vulnerability in her as fears losing her independence in a marriage. I do wonder if the fact that she is examining her own feelings and future is the reason why she is more in tune with her surroundings and spotted her story. She has grown quite a bit over the course of the series so far and it's going to be interesting and fun to see her develop further as we follow the rest of her journey. This is my favorite so far!

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