Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review of "All in the Name of Love" by: Maragaret Taylor

"All in the Name of Love" By: Maragaret Taylor
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

           Adrian Hoyle is a lawyer and is partners is a law firm with her friend Jessica. She worked all day in the office like so many others. So she decided that she is going to go to dinner and a movie. LA was a rat race and any moment she could find to herself was welcomed. She went to go see a movie with her favorite actor Devon Varick. After the movie was over she decided that she wanted Mexican food. She goes to this great mom and pop resturant. While at the resturant Juan one of many brothers who runs it asked her when is she going to get married and bear babies? She said never she seen his brood and doesn't want to have kids. When Juan leaves to put her order in a man turns around from another booth and said a woman that doesn't believe in love and romance. The man was none other then Devon Varick. He also asked her if a man showed up on a white horse would she believe in love then. She said no but she would question his sanity. Devon asked her if she had any dreams and she said I have reality.She asked for her meal to go and she didn't hear Devon get up to follow her outside. Devon told her that he has reality too. She got very angry and said a lot of things. The next day she went into work late and when she opened her door there was a whole bunch of flowers from Devon saying that he was sorry and to call him. Adrian felt that he had nothing to be sorry for but she had a lot to be sorry for so she got to work on trying to find him a present that would tell her that she was sorry. After Devon received the gift he told his friend Jack to go to Adrian for his problem with the Castalanos family.  Bad things start to happen to Adrian. If you want to know more you have to read the story. I really enjoyed this story. It held my interest from start to finish and I couldn't put it down.

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