Wednesday, December 2, 2020

De-Termination by Adrian J. Smith


Title: De-Termination
Series: Quarter Life #2
Author: Adrian J. Smith
Genre: Urban Fantasy (bisexual protagonists)
Release Date: December 1, 2020

Faye's been Molly's lover and agent for her creature-hunting friends for a year, but she's still unsettled and unwilling to fully explore her Tainted Side. She is sent on a mission and disappears in South America. Molly, a powerful witch, searches for Faye ruthlessly, leading to conflict with her team. Meanwhile, she's brought Amelia in to help, and Amelia has her sights on seducing Molly as things fall apart.

There may no longer be such a thing as home sweet home.

Content warning: Rape, torture

Trippentigger on Goodreads: "So happy I was able to read this prerelease! Was hooked on this story with the first book and this second did not disappoint. A great continuation of the story, that ends not hanging, but definitely leaves you waiting for the next book. Haven’t read the first one yet, grab it and be ready for this sequel when it hits."

Adrian J. Smith has been publishing since 2013 but has been writing nearly her entire life. With a focus on women loving women fiction, AJ jumps genres from action-packed police procedurals to the seedier life of vampires and witches to sweet romances with a May-December twist. She loves writing and reading about women in the midst of the ordinariness of life. Two of her novels, For by Grace and Memoir in the Making, received honorable mentions with the Rainbow Awards. 

AJ currently lives in Cheyenne, WY, although she moves often and has lived all over the United States. She loves to travel to different countries and places. She currently plays the roles of author, wife, and mother to two rambunctious toddlers, occasional handy-woman. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or her blog. 


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