Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Daddy's Girl by Rebel Wild


Title: Daddy's Girl: A Daddy Issues Novel
Author: Rebel Wild
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Age-Gap
Release Date: November 30, 2020
Cover Design: Black Widow Designs

There are two sides to every fantasy.

Her side
Every girl has her dirty little secret.
For Sydney, it’s her dad's hot, broody boss. But who can blame her?
A million dollars just to live with him and all she has to do is whatever he wants her to. In exchange, he’ll drop the charges against her daddy.
It’s an easy decision. Until she realizes he isn’t the man she thinks he is.
Hiding underneath the boring, three-piece lawyer suit, and salt and pepper hair is a domineering sex god. He’s possessive, intense, and makes her body shiver even when he isn’t touching her.
When he isn’t around, she finds herself wanting him to be. That’s how she knows he has her and that it isn’t so easy after all.
What’s happening between them is something she can never imagine, or escape.
He’s her lover and she’s his captive.
The question is, does she want to be saved?

His side
Mysterious playboy and Los Angeles district attorney, Tristan Garrett, always get what he wants, especially in the bedroom. He handles his “relationships” the way he runs a courtroom, with rules, punishments, and rewards and that’
s exactly how he wants to handle Sydney Warren.
He’s imagined having her in his bed for years. But she’s the daughter of his assistant prosecutor and more importantly, she’s underage.
He has morals, despite his upbringing.
Good things come to those who wait and with her eighteenth birthday just around the corner, he doesn’t have to wait much longer.
Now with her father in prison, she’s broke and desperate to free him. So what does Tristan do? What he always does: he uses her misfortune to his advantage.
Will she be his fantasy come true or his greatest downfall?

If you like age-gap, captive romance then read Daddy’s Girl. Readers with daddy issues may want to skip this one.

Rebel Wild is a southern girl transplanted to the City of Angels. She has a passion for sensual romance. She’s best known for her sweet yet tenacious heroines and the hot brooding men who love them. 

She writes poems, takes pinup pics of Nelson, her adorable cat, and she’s on a lifelong quest to find the perfect red wine/pinot noir to pair with a five-napkin cheeseburger. 

Through her captivating characters, sizzling plots and intimate family dynamics, Rebel’s stories are not just love letters to the Los Angeles of her dreams. She’s created her own universe dripping with human desires and the timeless themes of love, loss and longing.

She loves her heroines smart, slightly innocent just on the edge of blooming in the women they will become, and she pairs them with strong men with dirty minds who reveal their devastating vulnerabilities over time.


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