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The Botanist by Dahlia Donovan

Title: The Botanist
Series: The Sin Bin, Book 3
Genre: Gay Romance
Release Date: August 26, 2017
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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When mistaken identity leads a young botanist into trouble, Navy SEALs come to the rescue.

Aled Demers prefers plants over people. He survives an attack in Anguilla alive but emotionally and physically scarred. Back home in Cardiff, he struggles with PTSD and his unraveling life.

Wyatt "Earp" Hardy lives for his SEAL brothers. Retiring from military service brings new challenges for him to face. The last thing he expects is for his next mission to involve falling for the much younger botanist.

If the botanist has the strength to heal, can Wyatt find the courage to love?

The short story The Botanist is book three in Dahlia Donovan's international bestselling gay romance series, The Sin Bin. Each one features hot rugby players and the men who steal their hearts.

Rating: 4.5*

This was a short read, yet it was beautiful in the journey it took.

Botanist Aled finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time which leads to his torture.  SEAL Wyatt is one of those who rescue the young man from hell.  Aled made quite the impression on the hardened SEAL that doesn't leave him.  When he leaves the SEALs for civilian life, he searches out the botanist, to find him struggling to regain his life after the traumatic events.  With patience Wyatt becomes Aled's saviour again and helps him come to terms with what happened and to take control of his life again.

There was no quick fix for Aled which was important to make this read real.  It is the patience and the strength of Wyatt as well as Aled's inner strength that makes this such a poignant and beautiful read.  It brought the feels and had my heart breaking for Aled.  The no pressure, patient approach put it back together.

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Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress. She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

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