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Wishcraft by Ali Lucia Sky


Title: Wishcraft
Series: The Powers That Be Trilogy Book 2
Author: Ali Lucia Sky
Genre: Magical Realism, Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: February 8, 2022
Cover Design: Marcos Nogueira

With Michaela in the debt of Shayteen, Whisper is finally free of the Hell World he suffered in for hundreds of demon years. But there seems to be a price for Whisper’s all-new freedom and it has made Whisper’s life just as, or even more complicated. Whisper is serving his true nature and dealing with Michaela’s service to Shayteen, all while trying to hang on to a stubborn soulmate who won’t forgive him for the most ridiculously perceived transgressions in this life and one or two from some previous ones. Stuck in the middle of everything, is a broken hearted Gabriel whose odd obsessions with cooking shows, has turned him into Suzy Homemaker.

~ It’s best to know, you leave those you care about before they leave you. I’m Theadora Langdon … and EVERYTHING sucks.

Note: WISHCRAFT is a New Adult book and for readers over the age of 18+ due to sexual content, reference to sexual assault, substance abuse and profanity. This is part two of a trilogy and ends on a CLIFFHANGER.


“What in the ever-living-fuck have I found?” I whisper.
“The room of broken hearts.” A woman’s soft voice replies, making me jump.
I nod, looking around me as if all those broken hearts would jump out at me. “That would explain it.”
“I know who you are.” she says, stepping close to me. The woman is a couple years older than me, black hair, nearly raven black eyes, skin so pale she could be parchment. She is dressed for a funeral, in all black with a black scarf around her head. 
“I’m real popular,” I quip.
“Your pain lives here,” she whispers. Her forehead puckers.
I snort, “My pain is a real couch cruiser. For a few months, it traveled around and did a cross continent and dimensional tour. I didn’t realize it had found a home.”
“You still feel the loss as freshly as it was in the moment and fear that it will happen again.”
I shake my head. “False and true. But it isn’t happening the way my pain clearly is telling you it happened. What would it know though? I’ve been talking less and less with my feelings these days.”
“Gabriel may never love you like you love him,” she says next.
“That isn’t true at all. I can feel him inside me,” I pause and smile, “especially when he is inside me. I know how he feels.”
“You will never find true happiness with one another,” she continues.
“That’s definitely bullshit.” 
“You can never satisfy him.” she gives me a pitying look.
“That might be true, but I’d like to see your evidence.”

Ali Lucia Sky is the author of The Powers That Be series. She lives in Southern California with her husband and a house full of kitty cats and a yard full of crows.

She loves laughing, drinking good coffee, the smell of pizza, and supporting animal rescues.

When she isn’t writing or dreaming of new stories, she can be found planning her next vacation because traveling is LIFE.

If you encounter her in the wild, don’t be offended if she should run away. She’s timid with strangers, but can be plied with shiny things and pictures of your cat or dog.

She’s a weirdo like that.


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