Monday, June 1, 2020

Damaged Elite by Waverly Alexander

Title: Damaged Elite
Series: The Darlington Elite
Author: Waverly Alexander
Genre: College/New Adult Romance
Release Date: August 12, 2020
Cover Design: OliviaProDesigns
Zachary Masters
For almost two years, Kennedy has been my best friend—she's laughter and comfort, everything I need but don't deserve. I'm not boyfriend material—not with a past like mine, I'm too much like my father. So I've kept those lines firmly drawn in our relationship. But when the Elite became the target of some shady happenings on campus, I had no choice but to move Kennedy in with me. Now, the closer we get, the more protective I feel, and it scares me. I'll keep her safe though, even if it means agony for me. Even if it means keeping her safe from me. 
I'll make her hate me before I hurt her.
Kennedy Prescott I heard about Zach and his penchant for parties and wild nights long before he stumbled past my dorm room looking for a quick escape from a puck bunny. He’s one of the Darlington Elite—the kings of the campus, and I’m the sarcastic, vegan girl who thought the Elite boys were nothing but arrogant, entitled jerks. And they are, to outsiders. But I’m one of them now, and we look out for each other like a family. Zach and I shouldn’t be best friends, but some forces of nature are unavoidable. He pulled me into his world only to push me away.
If he thinks I’m playing this game, he’s in for a rude awakening.
“I feel so possessive of you, dangerously possessive.” His voice deepens low enough to perfectly match the way he’s devouring me with his eyes, daring me to flinch away. “Parts of me want to own you, break you down until you’re mine. If I do that, you’ll never be the same.”

I breathe in, placing my hand on his knee and slowly slide my palm up his hard, muscular thigh. A smile graces my lips when I see the shock register on his face and his hand shoots out to stop my fingers from moving higher. I already know he’s hard for me, his eyes can’t lie to me the way his lips do.
“I think you’re afraid I’ll own you.” I only pull away when he lets out a shuddering breath and leans back in defeat.

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