Monday, December 12, 2016

Review of "Riff (A Lil Bit Country & A Lil Bit Rock & Roll #1)" By: Skye Turner

"Riff (A Lil Bit Country & A Lil Bit Rock & Roll #1)" By: Skye Turner
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Love when you least expect it…

Country and Rock & Roll definitely meet head on in a more philosophical difference of opinion rather than a musical one. And when I say philosophical I really mean moral. In other words, the boys of Destiny Fades to Blue are rather lax in the “will sleep with anyone” department. Or should I say they excel in it? The ladies of Sweet Southern Sass, on the other hand, are sweet and sassy. Brought together by their mutual record label, when the lead singers of these very opposite-minded bands meet, the sparks were sure to fly!

The friction between Rafe and Daisy was delicious from the start! Surrounded by band mates, family, their obstacle-stricken courtship was going to happen in full of them as well as the whole world. They are news and when sexual tension gets the better of them they are quickly on the hot seat! Are they lovers or friends or simply bedmates? That’s what they have to figure out and the road is bumpier than the highway beneath their tour buses!

And through it all the characters, all of them, were snarky and cranky, loving and sweet, and as down to earth as one could ever imagine musicians could be. A rock star tale with a country twang that hit all the right notes!

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