Monday, August 24, 2015

Review of "No Strings Attached" By: Kristen Strassel

"No Strings Attached" By: Kristen Strassel
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Successful designer Leah doesn't want to go to her high school reunion, after all her ex-husband will be there with his new wife.  Leah decides to get through it by hiring an escort for the weekend.  Enter the incredibly sexy Jagger who uses his escort job to save to be able to follow his dream.  And so begins the completion of Leah's journey of self discovery.  It is not made easy by a mean ex-husband and a bunch of high school re-unioners who are nothing but bullies and still act like they're in school.

Leah, as a hard-working, single mom, has carved a career as a successful interior designer with a regular TV slot.  I didn't quite connect with Leah as I would have expected.  The elements were all there: cheated on, built up her career and raised their daughter, school life was a living hell but she came across as a little cold and calculated in her approach.  Jagger was a mystery and didn't really let a lot of himself out.  It was however an interesting read that kept you hooked.

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