Friday, October 24, 2014

Review of "Skin Deep" by Jocelyn Stover

"Skin Deep" by Jocelyn Stover
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Some books are easier to review than others. This was not one of the easy ones and not because it wasn't very good but because of the very nature of the story. Medical romances don't around very often on my reading list so this was a change and one that I enjoyed reading.

Veronica is a first year surgical resident, who becomes a little star struck when she runs into her surgeon idol, Dr Brenden Bates. While she is busy fangirling him, she fails to notice the interest of Dr Chad West. She is set for a year of high emotions and ups and downs.

I wanted to, at times, scream and shout at Veronica for been so naïve and stupid when it came to her choices around men. With stars in her eyes, all semblance of sensibility go out of the window and she nearly loses it all. Thanks goodness for her best friend Archie who puts things as a plain as possible and into perspective for her. And all the while, Chad is waiting patiently for Veronica to see that Dr Bates is nothing more than a talented surgeon who will not think twice about using people and standing on them if they get in his way. Chad's reticence and soft approach to courting Veronica almost doesn't work.

While I was frustrated at times, I enjoyed the interactions between the characters and the story development. It was a thrill packed read, and one that hooked me from the first word.

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