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Blue Dahlia by Vivian Winslow Blog Tour

Blue Dahlia
Vivian Winslow
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 16, 2014

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Blue Dahlia is the first book in the second trilogy of Vivian Winslow's Gilded Flower series, featuring Lily Baron's free-spirited twin sister, Dahlia.

New York socialite Dahlia Baron is falling for her Latin lover, Rodrigo Cruz, the scion of the Mama Linda Latin foods empire, and hopes to take the relationship to the next level. But there's is a dark secret that she must deal with first in order to truly give her heart to him. When Dahlia visits the man from her past, will the undercurrents of her emotions let her go to Rodrigo or will they pull her back to the one person who stands between them?

Mature readers only. 18+

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

It's Dahlia's wedding day , she is so nervous that she almost knock over a cheap vase full of red carnations. Dahlia never thought that this day would come so quickly. She never imagined that Lily would miss her wedding day. They promised each other to keep things low key. Dahlia will finally shed the Baron last name, a name that only misery and shame. Her family hasn't done anything dishonest as far as the public knows. Dahlia doesn't want to have a child born out of wedlock. Shane's face assures her that she is making the right decision. Their child will be born to loving parents. When she first met Rodrigo on the beach she knew that he was the one. Dahlia ran away from Shane and know seven years later she goes back to get a divorce from him so she can be with Rodrigo. What she doesn't count on is her feelings coming back, she doesn't know if she will be able to leave. What is the Blue Dahlia? Does she leave California? 

Dahlia wasn't ready for the life that was laid out for her. She is afraid of commitment. Shane is Dahlia's husband, a pro surfer. Lily is Dahlia's sister and is going out with Alejandro. Poppy is Dahlia and Lily's mom. Rodrigo is Dahlia's boyfriend, new money, loves Dahlia energy and creativity. 

This is my first book by Vivian Winslow and it most definitely will not be my last. I loved her style of writing. This book was a fast read. I really enjoyed how all the characters were well developed. I couldn't put this book down. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

Vivian Winslow was born and raised in Southern California. Before becoming a writer, she made a career out of moving around the world every couple of years thanks to her husband’s job. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two elementary school age children, and is grateful to finally have a place to call home for more than two years. New York is the perfect city to indulge her love of shopping, the arts and especially food.

If she’s not at home writing or running around the city with her kids, you’ll most likely find her indulging in pizza on the Lower East Side or having a cocktail at her favorite bar in Alphabet City. That said, she’s still a California girl at heart and would gladly trade in her heels for a pair of flip-flops to catch a sunset on the beach. .

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