Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review of "Without You" By: Lindsay Detwiler

"Without You" By: Lindsay Detwiler
Rating:  ☆☆☆☆

Jenna still hasn't overcome her ability to misplace things. Jenna and Camden were the perfect couple, they are financial sound and very comfortable. Jenna feels that their relationship isn't the same as it used to be. Jenna is being sent to New York by her company to perform an audit, Camden completely forgot about her going to New York. Jenna leaves without saying goodbye. 

Jenna works for Johnson and Browning, she is married.She is very versatile, a perfectionist and a terrible baker. Camden is Jenna's husband, he owns his own construction company. He likes to play his video games, 28 years old. He thinks that their relationship is fine. Violet owns Vi's coffee shop, she has a cat Bob, she is April's sister and Ava's aunt. She can't get over Liam. Liam is in Japan, Violet's ex boyfriend. Ava is six years old, April daughter. She want's Violet to be happy, she likes to give Bob cupcakes. April is Violet's sister and Ava's mother, she is a single mother. 

This is my first book by Lindsay Detwiler and it wont be my last. I truly loved how well the characters were developed and how well the story was written. I felt very connected to the characters, I couldn't put this book down, it drew me in from the first page.

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