Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review of "Royals" By: R.L. Reid

"Royals" By: R.L. Reid

Peta and Clair sit basking in the open field during their free period. Clair always wants to spend time in the field to watch Mr. Hammel. Peta, Clair, Glo, Tom and Hayden always go out to eat on Fridays after school. Clair can't stop talking about Mr. Hammel. Peta hasn't seen her brother Mack in four years when he shows up. Clair, Glo, Peta, Tom and Hayden go to the beach and the man who owns the shop saved them the good chairs on the beach. Peta is in charge of the school painting and she has absolutely no inspiration for it. Mr. Hammel tells her that she should stay late at school to work on her project since its very important for the school. 

Peta is seventeen years old, goes to St. Gregory Private. She loves reading Hamlet. She is Hayden's girlfriend. Clair is obsessed with Mr. Hammel, she goes to St. Gregory Private. She is single and she is Peta and Glo's friend. Glo is Peta and Clair's friend, goes to St. Gregory Private. Tom's girlfriend. Hayden is very popular, Peta's boyfriend. He is a track star. Tom is Glo's boyfriend. Mack is Peta's older brother, he was sent to a boarding school. He is a cop. Gavin is Tom's brother, he is a major drug dealer. 

This is my first book by R.L. Reid and I can honestly say that this book will not be my last. It's very well written and the characters are very well developed. I couldn't put this book down. I felt very connected to the characters.

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