Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Savage Rebel by Kathleen Kelly Release Blitz

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Release Blitz
Title: Savage Rebel
Series: Savage Angels MC #6
Author: Kathleen Kelly
Release Date: August 24, 2016
A Casino. A Rival MC. A Mob Family.
Dane, President of the Savage Angels MC Tourmaline Chapter sends Rebel to Las Vegas to negotiate their purchase of a casino. When the local Mob Family in Vegas feels threatened by their presence, a rival MC, The Dark Warriors step in to protect what they consider their territory. The Warriors are a ruthless club who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of power. An innocent woman catches Rebel's attention which serves to give the Warriors a brand new target. Ruby is caught in the crossfire and with a rat in the mix, all bets are off. Will Rebel be able to save his woman and close the Casino deal or will he lose it all to the Dark Warriors? 
 **Previously published in the Riding Dirty Anthology no longer available**

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆

A quick fix for Savage Angel fans everywhere.  Rebel has always been an intriguing character since his attraction to Kat led nowhere.  Being sent to Vegas to assist in the setting up of a business deal gives him the chance to spread his wings and shine.

Kathleen Kelly's choice of multiple POVs works well usually.  It was a little distracting this time because of the length of the story.  New characters and old all had a part to play.  A quick read that packed a real punch.

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*** Series Sale 24-26 August ***
Savage Stalker permanently #FREE
Savage Town #99c (1st time ever)
Savage Lover $1.99 (normally $2.99)
Savage Sacrifice $2.99 (normally $3.49)
Savage Rebel will be perma 99c
Kathleen Kelly was born in Penrith, NSW, Australia. When she was four her family moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Although born in NSW she considers herself a QUEENSLANDER!! She married her childhood sweetheart and they live in Toowoomba with their two furry kids. A British Short Hair named Grace and a Burmese named Jack. Kathleen enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels with a little bit of erotica. She draws her inspiration from family, friends and the people around her. She can often be found in cafes writing and observing the locals. If you have any questions about her novels or would like to ask Kathleen a question she can be contacted via e-mail: or she can be found on Facebook. She loves to be contacted by those that love her books.

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