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Blog Tour: The Way You Look Tonight by Jo Tannah

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Title: The Way You Look Tonight
Author: Jo Tannah
Genre:  Gay Romance, Contemporary, May-December Romance
Series: Standards Series, Book Two
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


As a member of a wealthy and influential family, Jaime “Jamie” Abello had his life mapped out. Being shipped off to LA with an insurance scam linked to his name was not part of his plan.
It had seemed so simple: pass the Philippines Medical Board Exam;practice in the family-owned and -controlled hospital; join the Board by age forty; and find a partner with whom he could settle down and be himself.
Instead, his father supplies him with a surfeit of money and dangerous secrets and sends him to a strange country.
The Pediatric Residency Program Jamie applies for brings him face to face with untouchable Program Director, Miles Kwon, whom Jamie soon finds to be a man of integrity and vision.
When tragedy strikes, Jamie finds himself falling deeper into depression. Unexpectedly, it’s Miles who helps him work through his pain.
Will Jamie ever experience a life with a loving partner, or will his father’s secrets cause him to lose everything he’s gained?

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Rating: 3.5*

So, it was a different start to a book than your typical beginning of a romance book.  It was a slightly convoluted for a plot that didn't have a massive impact on the storyline in my opinion.  However, it does grab into the book and does keep you interested.

Jamie has had to leave his home and his country in order to be protected from his family.  Training to be a doctor whilst his father tries to clear his name, he finds his place in the world as he thrives in his role and meets Miles, his programme director.  This is not an insta-romance and it takes a while for things to build between them as their positions and uncertainties get in the way.

Whilst I enjoyed reading this and liked the characters, I didn't feel that we got under the characters' skins enough.  

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About the author

JO TANNAH is a wife, mother, and blogger by day, writer by night. It can be difficult to say the least but it is a challenge that keeps her on her toes.
She grew up listening to folktales her father and nannies spun to either entertain the children or send home a message. These narratives stayed with Jo until she finally decided to write them down in a journal way back when she kept one. Years later, going through junk led to finding a long forgotten box and nestled within it was the journal. Reading over the stories of romance, science fiction, and horror that she had taken time to put to paper all those years before brought to light the realization that they were tales she’d never come across in her readings.
The tales Jo write are fictional but all of them are based on what she grew up with and still dreams about. That they have an M/M twist is simply for her pleasure. And she hopes, yours as well.
Jo Tannah can be found at:

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