Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review of "Vegas to Varansai" by: Shelly Hickman

Vegas to Varansai, By: Shelly Hickman
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

      Anna is known for her niceness not her beauty - she is still on friendly terms with her gay, ex-husband and is putting up with a lot from her current boyfriend, David. David is selfish and a drunk - never a good combination. When he feels like he's being held back by their relationship, he ends it. Meanwhile Anna has reconnected with an old classmate. Kiran had serious weight issues back in school but time has been kind to him. He remembers Anna as one of the few people who spoke to him in school and was actually nice to him. Their relationship starts with friendship as both are still vulnerable from stuff in their past and present. David selfishness rears his head and decides that now someone else is showing an interest in Anna, he wants her back. Kiran takes Anna on a journey of self discovery to India and gives her the space she needs from her situation. Their relationship builds into something more. This book takes its time to tell their story, building a solid foundation for Anna and Kiran's relationship. Though, as always, things do run smoothly and David will not let Anna go with a fight and a lot more booze. Anna and Kiran are beautifully written characters with a network of supporting characters.

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