Friday, January 31, 2014

Review of "Unusual Awakening" by: S.M Knowles

“Unusual Awakening” by: S.M. Knowles
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

            I have to admit I have never read a young adult romance before. I was very intrigued when I saw the title of this book. Rylee Everley’s is the oldest of three sisters, and it is up to help and take care of her younger twin sisters because their dad has been deployed to Afghanistan with the Army Reserve.  Lauren, Rylee’s mother does have her up and down days missing her husband, but she is a good mother. Rylee has this uncanny ability to hear her father’s voice, and it all starts when she has a run in with a school bus.  At the beginning of the book you watch Rylee’s life change as her father leaves, the beginning of the school year and the accident are all revolving around Rylee. Rylee has very good friends, especially her best friend Lyla, who is definitely the exact opposite of Rylee. Lyla is the outspoken, fun, party girl, and Rylee is the quiet, stay at home, help take care of her sister’s type. Lyla is convinced that there is something going on with Rylee and their family friend’s son, Brock Parker. Brock is the typical jock, but he is also very friendly, helpful, and caring. Brock even helped Rylee’s mom pick out her new cell phone and car for her birthday. Is there something between them? Unfortunately there is not, and by the time Rylee figures out that she may have feelings for this boy is when Adysin comes into the picture. Rylee and her aren’t quite friends, but they share a group of friends, including Brock.  Rylee tries to warn Brock that something is off with Adysin, and boy is she right. Adysin’s family travels through time in portals. Her mother is a witch, yet her dad is 100% human, which makes her a half witch. Adysin can hear Rylee talking to her father, and she knows she hears him, but the problem is that also means Adysin can get into Rylee’s head as well. She definitely doesn’t want competition when it comes to Brock, how far will she go? I enjoyed this book very much. It was a good change of pace for me, being that my normal reads are intense; it was nice to sit back and enjoy this story. Geared towards young adult, I believe this also can be a lovely story for adults like me.  S.M Knowles is a fabulous writer. Flowing perfectly from paragraph to paragraph this book was entertaining, and very well written. 

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