Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review of "Smuggler's Moon" by: Cynthia Wright!

“Smuggler’s Moon,” by: Cynthia Wright
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

       Julia Faircloth is the oldest child and she likes it that way. Julia likes to take charge and care for her family. Her father has a gambling problem that only makes matters worse, and her mother adores her husband and thinks ladies should act in a certain way. When Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath where the family has just moved to Turbans things are going to change. After one of Julia’s fathers lost gambling endeavors, she finds a note in her father’s jacket with Lord Sebastian’s name on it. When she goes to speak with this despicable man about trying to understand her father needs help and to forget his debts things don’t go as planned. Julia is in a situation she cannot control and she doesn’t like it. Unexpectedly after one last bad game against Lord Sebastian Julia’s father has put the entire family in jeopardy. What else is there to do but to find a way to rescue her family, but this is once again out of her control. Lord Sebastian thinks that Julia’s sister is a much better match for a wife, but Sarah thinks otherwise. In an attempt to save her family Julia switches with Sarah to marry Lord Sebastian.
      To say the least he is not pleased. After he finds no other reason to argue he consummates the marriage and oh boy that was way overdue. The sex is very lusty and sensual, something Julia has never experienced. They travel off to Cornwall where they will be living in the run down estate Trevarre Hall where they will begin their married life based on lies. What Julia doesn’t know is all this ill will towards this man who caused her family distress will fade, and soon only time will tell what will happen. Along the way Sebastian will find out some life changing news about his own deceased parents and Andre and Devon Raveneau who were friends of his parents. Come to find out Andre has a past with his mother, but is it good or bad? It will definitely stir up some emotion in a seemingly emotionless man, Sebastian. Smuggling is a big part of Cornwall, and Sebastian wants to make the money back his own brother gambled away so he has no choice but to join the trade, but he is more pleased then you think. Adventures are to come, and the risks are high but if Sebastian can pull it off he will make the money he needs, but in time will his plans change? Julia is going to affect him more then he knows, and he has definitely changed her. Will they be happy? Safe? Read Smuggler’s Moon to find out!!! This was a great read, just like every other book I have read by Cynthia Wright! It captures you, and keeps you entertained, and by the end you are in love with the characters. A must read!    

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