Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review of "Mermaids Lament," by: Lori Worley

“Mermaids Lament,” by: Lori Worley
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

          This is one of those books when you start you think, ok this is going to be different. At that point you’re like well, it can go one of two ways I’ll either hate it or love it. Me personally, I really enjoyed it. I take pride in wanting something different to read, and have never shied away from that. Mermaids Lament by Lori Worley is a unique story that will keep you entertained. Aggrafina is a mermaid who comes from the seas where her dad is the king, and her mom well, she has her own set of issues. Her mother lost her sight in an explosion by the fishermen and since then has not been the same. She wants something different for her daughter, and is going to make that happen. Her mother ultimately makes a deal with the devil. Not really the devil, but an evil sea creature who takes her mother’s voice, which is one thing she had left, and in return gave her witches poison that would ultimately give Aggrafina the life her mother wants for her, and she was willing to sacrifice for her daughter. Should she be grateful? This is quite a painful experience for Aggrafina and as this is happening her father is holding her down, and the last thing she can remember is him ripping down the side of her tail, and then everything goes black. She wakes to rough hands swimming her over his body, who is this man? She can smell him, and he reminds her of the ocean, but should she be afraid? She has come to the realization something is wrong with her, she is now deformed, but doesn’t understand why. Adrik is a cold man, and yet here he is saving this mermaid. Why? Adrik doesn’t want to be like his father who made his living as a fisherman. Adrik despises the ocean, and everything it stands for, and now that he is the owner of his parents land, he has changed his fortunes by the means of a freak show. Yes, that is right, freak show. He is going to bring Aggrafina back to his compound and make her part of the show because she is a freak just like the rest of them, so he thinks. He is disgusted by her, and wants nothing to do with her, but wants to make money off this mermaid, who now apparently is growing legs?! Did her mother sacrifice her voice to make Aggrafina human? Will Adrik change his views on this magnificent creature? She is beautiful, and he knows it, but in the future can he let go of the past and maybe even love someone like her? Who knows, read Mermaid Lament to find out. This novel is beautifully written. It will keep you on your toes, make you squirm a little, and wonder what is going to happen, because when all seems so bleak, maybe that is when the sun comes out. 

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