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Worlds Apart by Holly Mortimer

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WORLDS APART by Holly Mortimer 
Publication Date: January 5, 2016 
Also in this series: Blindsided, Ignite 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance


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I moved to Ireland for a year to film the movie that would change my life. What I didn’t expect, was that dark and dangerous Brennan Murphy would throw my very calculated existence into chaos. I had worked too hard to bury my secrets and it would take a lot more than heated words and scorching looks to get me to give into the temptation of throwing it all away for him. 

Brennan How can I want a woman so bad when she represents everything I despise? I can’t get her out from under my skin and I’m not entirely sure I want to. But there’s more at stake here than meets the eye. I’ve got responsibilities and she’s got secrets. Together, we’re destined for disaster, but I’m willing to risk it all for her, the problem is, I don't know if she’s willing to risk anything for me.

*NOTE* While Worlds Apart can be read as a standalone, it is book #3 in The Sisters series.

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Worlds Apart 3D Cover

“You just threw up on me.”
“Yes, I heard you. You told me so and it’s Brennan.” He shot out of the room in search of what I could only assume was a towel. I lay back in bed, took a swig of the water I kept on the bedside table to wash down the nasty taste and gave myself a mental pat on the back. Brennan. Hmm, it was a cool name, not that I would ever admit that to him.
I heard him ranting and muttering to himself down the hall, but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. Probably for the best. He came back into the room and I turned to see just how mad he was when my eyeballs nearly popped out of my eyes.
“You’re not wearing any pants!”
“How very astute of you.”
“Why are you not wearing any pants? What if we still have an intruder?” My eyes were very, very confused. They were at a crossroads. Look, don’t look. Gah, it was inevitable. They looked.
“’Cause you puked on them. And it’s pretty obvious we don’t have an intruder, and if we did, he’d be running from you, that’s for damn sure. Got any more amazing questions, Barbara Walters?”
My brain wasn’t computing anything he said. It was stuck back at that crossroads with my eyes. Tight, white boxer briefs. God’s gift to women everywhere, and today was my special day to receive the gift.
He walked around my bed and disappeared into the ensuite bathroom. I heard the taps running and gave my head a good shake. I hated this man. My brain told me not to worry. Hating him was still possible even while ogling. Shit, ogling commenced yet again as he walked by back out of my bedroom going who knew where. I closed my eyes and tried to figure out how my day had gone so very bad. While in this meditative state, I felt the bed dip and the covers pull back. Apparently, we were having a sleepover.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
“Sleeping until my pants are dry.”
“Get the hell out of my bed and out of my house.”


Blindsided #1 Cover
BLINDSIDED by Holly Mortimer The Sisters, #1 
Publication Date: February 10, 2015 
Also in this series: Ignite, Worlds Apart 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance

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Synopsis: Georgina has built herself a quiet life following the tragic death of her husband. She moved to LA to start her life over and has no intentions of ever falling in love again. Her hermit existence and passion for reading and writing romance have driven her to fear the real world, but while out on a forced blind date she accidentally meets Finn Lowry. Kind, sensitive, funny and voted one of 2014’s hottest actors, he’s hard to resist, not to mention, totally out of her league. In order to keep her promise to herself, she needs to steer clear of him at all costs.
Finn sets out to pull Georgina back to the surface, showing her it is possible for her to find love again after living with a heart on lock down for so long. Humor, persistence and life in the limelight come together with Finn to conspire to show Georgina the way to her heart. Can she let go of her old insecurities and avoid Finn’s fans for long enough to let him get through to her?

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Ignite #2 Cover
IGNITE by Holly Mortimer The Sisters, #2 
Publication Date: September 15, 2015 
Also in this series: Blindsided, Worlds Apart 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance

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FRANKIE The only thing I crave is a peaceful existence. I’m scared, I’m tired and I just want to wake up each day not afraid of him finding me. What I never wanted to find was Hardy Hanson. Turns out, cravings, once fed, morph into something different. I couldn’t ignore the need he awakened in me, but giving into it would mean only one thing. We would both go up in flames.

HARDY When I’m in, I’m all in. I was born to protect and my second chance at redemption came when I crashed into Frankie Windsor. The problem was, she was so damaged, I wasn’t sure even I could save her, but I was willing to put it all on the line to risk enough for the both of us to finally find some peace. What I didn’t know, was just how dangerous loving her would be for both of us.

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Holly Mortimer
Holly Mortimer is a wife, mom and believer in the concept of happily ever after. She attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, where she studied Music Industry Arts. She wandered the world working in the entertainment and travel industry while filling journals with romantic short stories and heroes and heroines. She’s finally taken the next step and published her first novel with Butterfly Publishing.
Holly lives in Stratford, Ontario with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys reading, writing and finding the next inspiring moment to write about.


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