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Curves in the Road by Amy K. McClung

Author: Amy K. McClung
Title: Curves in the Road
Series: Southern Devotion, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 6, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith

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Living in Nashville with his daughter, Katelyn, single dad Derrick Collins’s main goal is to provide a good life for his daughter. With no social life to speak of, he knows it’s time for a change. He just needs to find the perfect woman who will complete his happy family. The problem is he’s already met her and let her go.

Mary Jane Evans’s life took a path she could only dream of. Though leaving her home in Nashville meant saying goodbye to childhood friends, family, and the first man she ever loved. Now she has to choose if she will return or continue her new journey.

With a decision to make, is it possible for two lost loves to find their way back to each other or are there too many curves in the road?

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Love at first sight for Derrik and MJ but life sometimes puts curves in the road and it can take a while to reach your destination.

Single dad Derrik is an amazing dad and person, so when he meets MJ he sees an opportunity for a HEA of his own.  Whilst MJ feels the same, she has the chance of a lifetime in getting her dream job.  Their journey back to each other will take time and patience but love can find a way.

Even though this book took place over a long period of time, it didn't feel like it as I became immersed  in this beautiful journey of two selfless characters.  This is a journey that will last a lifetime.


 Southern Devotion Series 
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Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls and occasionally suffers from middle-child syndrome. She met the love of her life online in August of 2004, on his birthday of all days, and married him in September 2005.

Currently they have no human children, only the room full of colorful robots that transform into vehicles and the large headed Pop Funkos who represent their favorite characters. Collecting movies, shot glasses, Pop Funkos, and dust bunnies are some of her favorite pastimes.

Amy began writing in September of 2011 and independently published her first YA novel, Cascades of Moonlight, Book one of the Parker Harris series the following May. Her first book was a means of therapy for her, enabling her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.

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