Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review of "Vandal" By: Carian Cole

"Vandal" By: Carian Cole
Rating: 3.5*

I usually love the unconventional nature of Carian Cole's books but Vandal took me outside my comfort zone and I still can't really decide how I feel about Vandal and Tabitha's story.

Vandal's story starts with such deeply tragic circumstances, with Vandal driving into another car, killing his daughter, the woman in his car and the driver of the other. How he found the courage to continue living is amazing, if you can call what he is doing living. He begins to focus his attention on Tabitha, the widow of the man he killed, believing that by helping her he can relieve some of the guilt he is feeling.

I completely understand Vandal's reasons for pursuing and pushing Tabitha but it was not comfortable for me, feeling the utter devastation she would feel when she discovers the truth. These characters broke my heart with the tragedy both have suffered. It was heart warming to see them find comfort with each other but slightly distressing too. This was a warts and all insight into grief and what we do to survive that was very well written.

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