Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review of "Storm" By: Carian Cole

"Storm" By: Carian Cole
Rating: 4.5*

Poor Evelyn didn't stand a chance once Storm set his sights on her and who wouldn't want him pursuing them?

Evelyn literally crashes into Storm's life during a snow storm, which forces them to spend the weekend together. But with his long hair, tattoos and toned body he appears to be more of a delinquent to her than hero. Their time together ignites something between them which Evelyn fights because she has a boyfriend. Storm does not give up and slowly wars her down, forcing her to take a long look at her relationship and what she wants from life and love.

I loved Evelyn and Storm's story and the struggles that they both go through to be true to their hearts. This took a story and characters that I should hate and turned it into one I loved. Rock on with Ashes & Embers.

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